Arizona Boss Babes Balooza
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Arizona Boss Babes Balooza

I will be speaking at this boss babes event! Come say hi and let's chat!


When: Wednesday, June 6 10-11:30 am

Where: Sutton Farms, Gilbert, AZ

"Come meet other business owners, brands, and influencers! Build relationships, plan collaborations, and get ideas from other people like you, at this Arizona Boss Babe Balooza!
There will be speakers, workshops, a light lunch, a raffle, photos, and time to mingle.
Tickets are limited so grab them quick! They are $5 per person. Venmo or PayPal ticket money to Calista-Huber ( with the mention of #ArizonaBossBabes so we can get you on the list! 
Can't wait to meet you all there! :)"

Here's a link to the Facebook Event:


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Photography 2.0 : Camera Confidence

photo class 2.0 regular.jpg

The Workshop:

Photography 2.0 will delve a little deeper into the world of photography. This is for all of you shooting on a DSLR camera that haven't quite nailed down your camera settings. Or for those of you who take a photo, get it onto your computer to edit, and can't quite figure out how to edit it the way you want so you just sit there playing with the settings for hours. That will end after this workshop!

This is my second workshop in a series of courses to help start-up/small businesses or just anyone who wants to learn, better manage their brands, websites, and social media accounts.


Saturday March 10, 3-5pm

The Host:


I have been doing photography for six years and was a photojournalist for two. I have taken photos of almost anything you can imagine from Bill Clinton to Drew Lynch and mountains to oceans all over the world. I have also won twelve Indiana Collegiate Press Association Awards for my work in photojournalism.

That being said, nothing helped my photography more than feeling confident with my camera, being able to look at my environment to know what settings to change, and being able to effectively and intentionally edit my photos.


In this workshop you will learn:

- How to shoot in manual

- Editing ( I will be using Adobe Lightroom )

- Some Photoshop tricks

- Basic information on lenses and camera lingo

- To get out and work that camera with CONFIDENCE

For those of you who went to my last workshop that may not need to learn these skills, I will be hosting more workshops in the near future on other topics I think you will enjoy so stay tuned!



Thrive Coworking for Women

 313 N Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234


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Photography, Branding, & Staying Consistent

class with logo.jpg

Social Media has opened a world of possibilities in a variety of ways, one being the opportunity for entrepreneurs to have a shot against big corporations in the marketing world. You can have a $300 or a $1,000,000 budget for marketing and still be a successful business!

But between perfecting your product/service, answering emails, shipping out products, working on sales, and having a life (let's not forget about this one, y'all,) where are you supposed to find the time to perfect this new realm of social media marketing and branding?

I'm here to begin a string of courses to help you with just that.

Starting with "Photography, Branding, and Staying Consistent" sponsored and held by/at Thrive Coworking for Women!

This class will cover some photography & videography basics (yes I'll be showing you how to use your phone cameras as well,) how to strategize your social media content to communicate the brand of YOUR business, and how to keep things consistent across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and more.

So come on out, learn some new skills and tools to enhance your business' branding, and network with other creatives.

Snacks & Non-Alcoholic Beverages will be provided. 

Host:  Alyssa Smith Creative


Alyssa Smith is a brand manager, photographer, graphic designer and website builder who specializes in small/start-up businesses. She has worked with a variety of clients from a personal fitness bootcamp to a loose leaf tea business helping them build their brands from the ground up. She has a degree in public relations and advertising, as well as a minor in marketing, has won 12 Indiana Collegiate Press Association awards for her work in photojournalism, and has been doing photography for the past six years.

Since moving to Arizona in January of 2017, she has helped turned several clients' dreams and ideas into successful businesses, worked as a videographer for local bloggers, businesses and weddings, as well as designed things such as logos, album covers, and infographics for a multitude of clients. Her passion is helping others achieve their creative and entrepreneurial goals, and thus these classes were born.

When: Saturday February 10, 3-5pm

Where: Thrive Coworking for Women


How much: $25

What to bring: The device you use to photograph for your business (camera or phone,) a notebook/laptop/something to take notes on, a writing utensil, and questions!


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