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VIDEO SHOT AND EDITED BY Josaphat Zelaya - View more of his work here.

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POP! By Alyssa Jane, a pop-up service where you can book a one-of-a-kind photo session in a handmade set- ideal for models looking to build their portfolios.

Each POP!, Alyssa Jane curates a differently themed set and opens it up for you to book. These mini-shoots are 20 min long and are the only time styled photoshoots will be offered at a less than hourly rate.

Each set will only be available for 1-2 days, so if you see a theme you like or just want to roll the dice and shoot whatever idea Alyssa Jane comes up with, book it up!


  1. Keep an eye out for the upcoming theme. Some will be indoor, some outdoor, so look out for the deets!

  2. Once you see a theme you like, book a time-slot for the dates available.

  3. You’ll receive an email following your booking with more details about the theme, props that will be available, and styling tips from Alyssa Jane.

  4. Feel free to reach out to Alyssa Jane with any questions on wardrobe, props, etc between booking and your shoot.

  5. Arrive 10 min before your time-slot to ensure you get the entire 20 min to shoot.

  6. Alyssa will email you 7 digital edits 1-2 weeks following your shoot day.

  7. Post and share your new photos and get ready to book the next theme!




Peachy took on a softer approach in comparison to the bright and modern look of the pre-ceding primary-colored theme. This color scheme paired beautifully with the upcoming fall season, while the drapery and vases tip their hats to the romantic textures of renaissance art.



This first bright and eccentric theme was inspired by the idea of living in a primary colored world. the colors were taken from alyssa jane branding as a fun way to kick off this new and exciting service.