Desert Golden Hour

One of my first few weeks of living in the desert, I found myself sitting alone in my room feeling sorry for myself that I didn't have anyone to go shoot with on such a beautiful day. 

That was when I slapped myself in the face (not really but should have) and went out to shoot my new home by myself, completely unsure of what was about to be my subject.

As I drove, I couldn't stop staring at the way the sunset was reflecting off of all of these strange desert plants, and it hit me. I must photograph the prettiest specimens of cactus I could find before the golden light disappears. 

I pulled over on random highways, walked through a casino's parking lot and got my first foot full of pricklies (don't wear sandals to shoot in the desert, obvi) and managed to get a variety of black and white close-ups of my new desert friends.

It's a memory I have with myself, and it's times like these that help me learn to love being alone and hanging out with just lil ole me. I think learning to genuinely love being with yourself is the most valuable lesson you can learn in life and these photos are a reminder of that for me. 

Alyssa SmithComment